Life Coaching

Life Coaching Services can help you set goals and provide guidance as you navigate them.

I help you focus on your strengths, and see your potential in a thought-provoking and creative way.

Try out my unique offerings:

  • Kwanzaa Values Alignment: Reconnect with yourself using the principles of Kwanzaa, year-round.

  • Chakra Check-In & Alignment: Clear away the negative thoughts that keep you feeling stuck.

  • Basic Business Brainstorm: Let's talk about your dreams for starting your small business journey.

  • Or choose any values you'd like to re-align!

Perfect for:

  • Creatives, Writers, & Artists

  • Business Dreamers

  • Former Workaholics

  • Spirituality Seekers

  • Break-up & Divorce Planning

  • Organizing & motivating yourself without judgment

  • Anyone looking to make the world a better place using their talents and resources

  • Anyone recovering from Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Schedule your virtual session by clicking the link below:

Life Coaching Sessions Available (Let's get stuff done!)

Need a meditation moment? (Let's just breathe for a second)

Hot Gyal Hoops <3 (Let's have fun! All levels welcome. Bring your hoop!)